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Saturday, 1 December 2012



evenings by beckymayblog

When I go out in the evenings I either end up rushing out, having not planned a thing, or with waaaay too much time to get ready. 

If the first case, I simply swap whatever boots I'm wearing for my trusty Roger Vivier heels, (exact ones in collage) add some lipstick, (Mac's ruby woo, if I'm feeling brave) and maybe apply a little more eye make up. 

If the second scenario, and I find myself with plenty of time to get ready, I might wear my little black dress and a chic jacket. I would wear my Roger Viver heels with this look too. However, I often find I end up changing back into jeans/slim trousers, and a jumper for ease. I hate being over-dressed! 

My Kooples coat, which is almost identical to the one I used in the pic, is great to wear over any outfit, I think it's a perfect balance between feminine and masculine. 

Tonight I actually had a lot of time to get ready, but after spending too long in a bubble bath, and getting distracted by Lisa Eldridge's youtube channel, the time quickly dwindled away, and guess what? I'm in my jeans and a jumper!

Have a good weekend!

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