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Friday, 6 September 2013


"Aleksandra Woroniecka rummages around the closet in her West Village walk-up apartment and produces her beloved navy Chanel cardigan jacket. The Paris-born, New York-based stylist treasures this piece because it does exactly what all good Chanel cardigan jackets should do: elongates the arms, narrows the torso, lifts the shoulders with a little Gallic shrug. It has been performing this miracle of tailoring for the past fourteen years, yet its staying power goes beyond its ability to endure physically. Woroniecka measures its value in mental, not just material, terms. And that's the standard she uses for each and every rare wardrobe addition she makes. "I want fashion to have some meaning, and to last," she says."  Vogue magazine, November 2007.

This article is worth a read if you're interested in the concept of considering every new wardrobe addition you make an investment. It certainly makes a good argument for investing in your wardrobe, channelling out the constant stream of choices we're presented with online, in shops and on the pages of magazines, to try and work out what really makes us feel good when it comes to our clothing. I'm very curious about the mental role fashion plays in our lives - why certain items in our wardrobes make us feel better than others, and so on. I'll write more about this soon, but until then, this touches on the subject nicely. You can find the whole article here: Why Less is More, Vogue.

06 September 2013

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Déjà Vu


About a year ago I made this collage, and when I came across it again today, I was so pleased to see that my feelings on Autumn and Winter dressing have not changed in the slightest. It always comes as a great surprise to me when I find myself sticking with any particular style! I possess a rather butterfly like tendency to flit from one thing to another, be it a book, project, or pair of shoes, but now that I'm a little older I find myself more sure of what I like and dislike. It's especially important to me when it comes down to clothing (a subject I'm trying to write about in more in detail, which is proving hard), but in a nutshell, for a long time I felt under quite a lot of pressure to look a certain way, and now I just try and listen to my heart, and it's so pleasing when you find a look you are happy with, that stays the same. It gives one a sense of self-confidence, and I firmly believe that feeling is what makes people look great in their clothes. More on this soon...

05 September 2013

Monday, 2 September 2013


 photo Becky-May-Matthew-Williamson-1_zps1e5b9e76.jpg  photo Becky-May-Matthew-Williamson-3_zps6e51e5c3.jpg

Here is a look at the finished result of my lookbook collaboration with Lucy Auge. You can read more about it here on my blog, and also on Lucy's site here. I was so pleased to hold the book in my hands - there's something a lot cooler about seeing your photograph in print, than seeing it online. Lucy and I will be working together again soon, on a shoot with the fantastic Remco, and I'm sure the results will be excellent!

2 September 2013


 photo Becky-May-Matthew-Williamson-1_zps1e5b9e76.jpg  photo Becky-May-Matthew-Williamson-3_zps6e51e5c3.jpg

My look from the weekend! Keeping it simple and fresh for this perfect weather.

I wanted to mention - I'm obsessed with the wash of these jeans. I can't really remember, but I think when I bought them they were black, and they faded to this wonderful washed out black/navy. I need to replace my black skinny jeans for winter, and would love to find a pair in this wash. These are ankle grazing with irritating zippers, which sadly just don't work with my boots, otherwise I would live in this pair over winter.

Blouse - Reiss, jeans - Burberry, flats - Topshop, belt - Vivienne Westwood.

3 September 2013

Sunday, 1 September 2013


 photo Becky-May-Matthew-Williamson-1_zps1e5b9e76.jpg  photo Becky-May-Matthew-Williamson-3_zps6e51e5c3.jpg

 photo Becky-May-Matthew-Williamson-1_zps1e5b9e76.jpg  photo Becky-May-Matthew-Williamson-3_zps6e51e5c3.jpg
We just grabbed an ice cream from a van that always parks at the end of my street on sunny weekends - I love this city!

I'm off to Gail's house this evening for a meal with her, my mum and sister. I'll take some photos for the blog as both her house and style are impeccable. I have lots of exciting news to share with you this week coming, but right now, it's time to relax. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

My weekend look: Blouse - Reiss, jeans - Burberry, flats - Topshop, belt - Vivienne Westwood.

1 September 2013


Sunday style inspiration.

Friday, 30 August 2013


(Waiting to go flying with Elliott.)

I had my big clear out (the one I told you about), yesterday. I always love how neat everything feels after you have a real go at tidying, of course, that never lasts long in my house. Before I know it a jumper has been swung over a chair, and my basket is strewn all across the floor, bits rolling everywhere. But just knowing the house is free from that useless build up of junk makes my mind feel neat.

Being strict with myself about what I really wear was harder than I thought, and I still believe there are items lurking in my wardrobe which will not be worn very much. You know when you really love something, but inexplicably, it never gets worn? Those are the items I'm talking about. At least the first big movement has been made, and I can go back to it soon, to continue refining.

I also got a chance to look at what I need for Autumn, and the answer, happily, is not much. My black skinny jeans need replacing, which is unsurprising seeing as my current pair were only from H&M, and have lasted for 2 years - investing in a new pair will be very welcome. I also need a black cashmere jumper, or perhaps navy, I haven't made up my mind yet. Another thing I should do is throw away all my t-shirts, as I never wear them because they're all poor quality - I live in a little black cashmere mix vest from Topshop Boutique, which desperately needs replacing. In fact, I talked about it needing replacing here, back in February, and I still haven't bought a new one! I'm kind of attached to it now, and besides, nobody sees the rips and ladders when it's under my jumper. Other than that, just a few repairs to be made - my grey cashmere jumper simply needs a seam sewn up, and my Helmut Lang long boots need new soles.

So I suppose now, I'm just waiting for autumn.

What items are on your A/W wish list? :)